We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.


We realize we’ve got a lot of stores, and that sometimes you need help with stuff.  Depending on which store it is, you may need to ask a different person.  There are two completely separate human beings(Dare Munro and Axi Kurmin) behind the stores and they do not have access to one another’s inventory.  So if you need help, please read on and find out exactly who you need to contact.


Damned Good Design:

Ask Axi.

If it is something like.. a random stray prim or something, you can ask either one of us, as we have edit permissions on each other’s objects.


Virtual Alchemy Photography

Ask Axi.


Ask Axi.

House of Rain

A) Ask Axi.

B) actually House of Rain has its own blog, here: http://houseofrainsl.wordpress.com/

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

It makes no difference who you ask.  Either one of us can help you with that, as both of us have access to the inventory (it’s stored on an alt.)



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