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Gothmas by Gaslight 2012- IMPORTANT STUFF.

I realize this is ten days later than I usually get to GxG stuff but it’s been a bit crazy here the past couple weeks.

In any case, here’s the deal:

About a month ago, Dare and I had a talk about Gothmas by Gaslight.  This led to a plurk post, which frankly to save myself a ton of typing, I’m simply going to repost here:

“I need opinions. I know you have those, people. You can’t fool me. Dare and I are strongly considering abandoning Gothmas by Gaslight as a hunt, and redoing it as some kind of shopping event, or gacha festival.  Here’s the issues – we’ve done countless hunts over the years, and numbers don’t lie. Since area search has been put into the viewer as a common feature, far fewer people actually hunt. Mostly, they only wait long enough for the prize box to rez, they grab it, and go. This has been a steady trend. Traffic for hunts is down- at least traffic that stays and shops.

I do my level best to maintain quality control for GXG in terms of prizes, and overall we’ve always had good stuff. But it’s a lot to monitor.

Overall though, and Im aware this sounds awful, we spend a *LOT* of time making prizes for 10 stores that we could be using to make things that would make us money. I know this is true for others also. I, personally would rather spend the same time designing things that will actually sell- people don’t really shop during hunts anymore. I do the actual hunt organization for GXG (Dare does other stuff) and it’s a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS for something that won’t make anyone any money. So we’re talking about it. Be honest, it’s cool- Im trying to gauge response here from both merchants and hunters/shoppers.”

You can see all the responses here: http://www.plurk.com/p/hjj1bf but here’s the spoiler: No one who replied is interested in a hunt.  They’d much rather have a gacha or shopping event. So, after a week of deliberation, we’ve decided to go that route this year.


Gothmas by Gaslight 2012 is also Gacha by Gaslight cause that’s how we’re gonna roll.

So let’s get on with the important information:

1. What is Gothmas by Gaslight and when will it take place?

Gothmas by Gaslight is a gacha festival/shopping event to be held during the winter holiday season.   It will start on December 15 2012 and end on January 15. 2013 . If you’re asking what a gacha is, it’s basically a blind box gumball machine.  A number of related prizes are placed into a machine, and when someone pays the machine, they get a prize at random.  However, some prizes can be designated as rare, with a lower probability of being won.  The prizes are generally transferable so people can trade duplicates.

2.  Does it have a theme?

Of course it has a theme- don’t be silly.  Don’t all events have a theme?  In this case, the theme is a more darkly beautiful holiday season.  We’re looking for romantic gothic, dieselgoth, dieselpunk, victorian goth and steamgoth folks.  (Why not steampunk? We don’t do brown.)  We’re  _not_ looking for blood, gore and horror.– there’s other events for that and they do it very well.  We are also not looking for “generic holiday” or “winter” items.  We are looking for a goth take on the holiday season.  If you’re confused by this please ask us.

3. What is your vendor acceptance policy?

All content must be original.  No resold content will be allowed.  We are looking to promote content creators, not resellers.  We would prefer that vendors offer things that are original to the event  (we don’t want anything sold at the festival that is already on sale.)  We expect that your gacha items will be in keeping with the kinds of things you create.  We expect you to honor the theme and mood of our event, so if your plans are to sell a t-shirt and ripped jeans, we’re going to tell you to try again next year.  Finally, we want you to sell something of value- something equivalent to what you otherwise sell in your store- in short, no crappy prizes.

To make this even more abundantly clear in the case of people who sell full perm textures and decorative artwork(texture based) and photos:  DO NOT SELL STOLEN ART.  If you lifted it from DA- no. if you lifted it from Filter Forge – no. If you lifted it from a google image search – no.  If you didn’t create the textures your very own self – NO. There will be **no exceptions** to this policy, and splitting hairs on it with either of us is a fast track to getting punted. (And the reason I sound like this is because we go through this exact same thing every. single. year.)

Oh, and we’re really sorry, but we’re not taking gesture vendors either. The vast majority of them contain clips ripped from movies and TV shows, but as the owner of a club- seriously- we’re not taking gesture stores.

4.  Will there be/a blog/a group/a whatever?
We have a group for the hunts we organize already that we’ll use for vendors- to give out information, etc.  Since we can’t rename it (much as we’d like to) we’ll continue to use it, and simply re-purpose it for this.  We will update info about the event right here, on this very blog. For actual bloggers,  we’ll make OPTIONAL blogger packs available to bloggers who wish to hop on board to blog the event. Here’s what optional means, guys- it’s optional for the merchants to provide them, and it’s optional for the bloggers to blog them.  I’m not the blogger police, and I’m definitely not the merchant police, either.  I find this all works much more smoothly when everyone has a healthy dose of respect for everyone else, so let’s do that.

5. What about signs, promotions, etc.?
You will be required to display the event sign in your store (so people know for sure you’re actually participating.) We hope you promo the hell out of it since everyone gets more sales with more promo. It’s not really rocket science.
6. Do we need to supply our own gacha machines?
No.  We’ll be happy to do that. You will need a texture for your sign that shows the prizes, however.

7. How many prims will we get for our booth area?


8.  What about the permissions on prizes?

We realize this is an occasionally debated topic. However we feel that gachas are simply not fair to shoppers unless the prizes they receive are transferable.  Therefore we are requiring transferable items to be placed in the gachas. We also ask, for the sake of shoppers, that you label your prizes clearly, and not generically:

For example:

Creepy Christmas Sweater – red  GOOD.

Prize #4 – BAD.

This is so people know what the hell they’re looking at in inventory later on without having to rez every last box to figure it out, and it makes sorting out duplicates much easier. Come on- you know you won’t remember what prize #4 is 3 days later, even if you made the thing.

9. Will there be a booth fee?



The reason why there won’t be is because we will charge a 10% cut of the gacha proceeds instead.  Before anyone flips the hell out, let me explain this- there is no guarantee at any event that you will cover your booth fees. All of us have been there. We pay a huge chunk of cash up front for a slot, and then the sales just don’t meet the expense. By charging a 10% cut, no one loses money.  If you don’t sell things, you aren’t paying things. It’s strictly based on total sales.  This is fair to everyone, and levels the playing field between smaller shops and bigger ones.

10. But what if I need to split my proceeds between a number of people?

We know it’s kind of a pain in the ass, but it’s math you’ll have to do on the back end. We don’t have a multi person split gacha script. If we can get one in time, we’ll let people know. Ok we’re letting you know.  We DO have a multisplit gacha script (THANK YOU GRANDMA BATES).  In order for this to happen you’ll have to provide us with who gets what percentage of the split. We’ll need their names and how much each person is meant to get, percentagewise.

11. I don’t want to reveal the names of my partners!

Ok, fine by me- then you can split it out manually yourself, on the back end.  I can’t imagine why either of us would either care or remember this information once we loaded it up, but hey, it’s your call to make.   We’re only human and we already know we’re not going to please everyone. So be it.

12.  Does the booth structure/gacha machines count against my prim count?

The booth does not, but the machine does.  You can put in as many machines as your prim count will allow.

13. How many vendors will you accept?

100.  Because after that, I have to kill people.

14. How will you determine who gets what spot?

Once we open the gates for setup (about the 10th of December) people can pick any spot they want. No one is going to be assigned to anything.

15. Who is organizing the event?
Dare Munro and Axi Kurmin. Between the two of us we own 10 different stores.  At this point to save us typing, we just lump them together under The Misery Consortium.  It saves a lot of space.

15. Why is the event starting in the middle of the month?  
Because a lot of events already start on the first.   Also, events that start on the 1st generally end on the last day of the month- in this case, that’s New Year’s Eve. We know people are already plenty busy on NYE, and the last thing they need to care about is picking up their stuff because the event is over.

13. How will I know if I’ve been accepted to Gothmas by Gaslight?
We will come visit your store and check you out. If we accept you, we’ll tell you, and send you an invite to join the crossover hunt group. 🙂 if all else fails, the final list of vendors will be up on the web no later than December 2.  Yes, we know group space is at a premium. But this is the fastest way we have to get information out to everyone.  You really, really do have to join the group.

17. Can I set the price on my gacha and the probability of rare items?


18.  Are we also/instead allowed to use vendors rather than gachas? 

Single item vendors are fine.  The cut to the house is the same.  However, we still don’t want stuff that’s already for sale in your store. We want something that’s for this event.  So we require at least one vendor to be an item only available for the event (after it’s over we don’t care what you do.)  We encourage at least one gacha. But we won’t force it- we know that December is very busy.  Just be reasonable, and so will we.



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