We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.









It was a soft opening, I admit. I had the worst migraine of 2012 (easily) and a lot of people are just so slammed busy they weren’t ready on time (self included I might add.) but at this point I figure we can give the go ahead and tell everyone to come on up to Gothmas by Gaslight!

It’s SO pretty, folks, seriously.  So very pretty.

New items and booths are being added daily.  We have some left, actually so if you want one please let me know.  I’ve encouraged people to rotate what they have available so there’s lots of reasons to come back again and again.  There’s both gachas and straight sales available, so everyone is pretty well covered.

You can ice skate on the lake (we have the skating balls already out but we’ll get free skates for everyone out ASAP) and there’s areas in each corner plus a gothmas gingerbread house for you to take pictures in and around.  Make sure to come back a lot, because seriously, everyone is busting their ass making new items to put in.  The elves are busy, folks.

There’s a flickr group too, right here:  http://www.flickr.com/groups/gxg/ , and we encourage both vendors, bloggers and shoppers to post their GXG related photos.

The landmark to get there is right here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Eternity/250/128/502

So come on up and say hi (i will likely be found putting in more stuff.  So. much. stuff.) and keep coming by to see what’s new.

Happy Gothmas, everyone.

Gothmas by Gaslight: Gachas/Vendors are out.

I sent out the final merchant package to the group this morning If you didn’t get it, check notices.  Or find me. Either way.

Also, if you want to send out review copies for the bloggers you can put them in your booth or send them out to the group. Your call.

Gothmas by Gaslight: Bloggers wanted!

Would you like to blog Gothmas by Gaslight?  We’d love that.

Before you get all excited though, there’s stuff you should know.  From our FAQ:

For actual bloggers,  we’ll make OPTIONAL blogger packs available to bloggers who wish to hop on board to blog the event. Here’s what optional means, guys- it’s optional for the merchants to provide them, and it’s optional for the bloggers to blog them.  I’m not the blogger police, and I’m definitely not the merchant police, either.  I find this all works much more smoothly when everyone has a healthy dose of respect for everyone else, so let’s do that.

In short, I’m not the blogger police.  No one is required to put out review copies for bloggers and no bloggers are required to blog everything they get review copies OF.  Everyone is required to not act like a jackass(except Uffda, because he IS a jackass.).  It’s pretty simple.


Gothmas By Gaslight: Time is running out!







We are building the venue for this year’s GxG and so time is running out to get a spot!  If you haven’t applied yet, here is the link! 

Hope to see you there!

Dare Designs: Verona Jewelry

For a stunning, unique look, set your eyes on Verona! This 100% unrigged mesh jewelry set features a bold, chunky chic style.
Because the jewelry is mesh, you will need a mesh compatible viewer to see them. Earrings, a necklace and a bracelet are included in the set.

All mesh used in Verona jewelry is custom made and the textures are hand drawn. No templates have been used. They can be modified manually, or with the included, killable resize script.

Verona jewelry sets come in 16 fashionable colors, and are sold as separate bracelets, earrings, necklaces and a full set. (price above is for the set.)

Find Verona jewelry inworld.

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Dare Designs: Verona (and Verona Boots)

All roads lead to you when you’re wearing Verona! This chic and sophisticated mesh minidress has a handcuff accent belt and two tone styling, complete with a full set of delicate and sexy lingerie. Bejeweled ankle boots and a striking necklace are also included. so all you need to do is dress and go take on the town.

Because the dress is rigged mesh, you will need a mesh compatible viewer to see it. The dress itself comes in four sizes (S,M,L and A- which is ideal for avatars with a thicker torso and smaller backside than the standard sizes.) and an alpha layer.

Not sure? Try a demo.

All mesh used in Verona is custom made and the textures are hand drawn. No templates have been used.

Verona comes in 12 cosmopolitan colors. In addition, the boots may be purchased separately for 125L a pair.









Find Verona inworld.
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Dark 7: Winter Sleigh Bench

Though the weather outside may be frightful, you’ll feel delightful snuggled up on this Winter Sleigh Bench from D7. It features 9 quality animations for both singles and couples (the animations are PG.), and a softly glowing lamp on one side to light up the night. Indoors or out, you’ll be full of good cheer for the winter season.

The Winter Sleigh Bench is 100% mesh, and you must use a mesh compatible viewer to see it properly. Though it will show as no-mod in inventory due to the scripts that are in it, it should be modifiable upon rezzing.

All the meshes used in creating this bench are custom made and all textures are hand drawn. There were no templates used to create this item.

The Winter Sleigh Bench comes in 14 frosty colorways.

Find the Winter Sleigh Bench inworld.
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