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World Goth Fair: Done, and Donated.

I have a few more blog posts to add to the Big Post of Blog Posts, but it’s now June 1, and WGF 2012 is officially closed. That being the case, Ive pulled everything out of the charity account, converted it and sent it along to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. See the screencaps below for all the details.

This was the total in the charity account. It’s a screencap from the charity account’s dashboard.

I then cashed the money out via Virwox. yes, the Lab would have given me a few extra dollars, but it would have taken four days and I wanted it out NOW, so there was no speculation on where the money was or why there was a holdup.  This screencap is from my paypal account showing how much got transfered there once fees were accounted for.

I then converted that amount to pounds, since that’s the currency the Sophie Lancaster Foundation takes donations in.  This is the screencap of that conversion from Google.

I then donated that amount. This is the screencap of confirmation of that- Ive smudged my mailing address.

Finally, here’s the receipt from paypal for the donation. Again, I’ve smudged my mailing address.

The money is in their hands now.

Huge thanks go to everyone who helped pull this event together- Dare for building it, all the merchants for participating so eagerly, the bloggers for all their wonderful coverage, the staff of Gothika for pulling off that epic 13 hour marathon, and Lee and Martin for concocting this whole ridiculous thing in the first place.

Thanks a lot, everyone.

See you next year.



EDIT: 9:52am EST.  I’ve gotten word from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation that they’ve received the donation. It reads as follows:


thank you so very much for this generous donation following your second life event, we really appreciate it

I will add a link to the news item to our f/b page to show people what you have done for us !

warm regards

Kate Conboy-Greenwood
campaign manager


I don’t have a facebook acc0unt but if someone could shoot me the link to that, I’d appreciate it.  Thanks.