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Gothmas by Gaslight: Bloggers wanted!

Would you like to blog Gothmas by Gaslight?  We’d love that.

Before you get all excited though, there’s stuff you should know.  From our FAQ:

For actual bloggers,  we’ll make OPTIONAL blogger packs available to bloggers who wish to hop on board to blog the event. Here’s what optional means, guys- it’s optional for the merchants to provide them, and it’s optional for the bloggers to blog them.  I’m not the blogger police, and I’m definitely not the merchant police, either.  I find this all works much more smoothly when everyone has a healthy dose of respect for everyone else, so let’s do that.

In short, I’m not the blogger police.  No one is required to put out review copies for bloggers and no bloggers are required to blog everything they get review copies OF.  Everyone is required to not act like a jackass(except Uffda, because he IS a jackass.).  It’s pretty simple.



Gothmas by Gaslight 2012: Applications are current.

If your store was listed on the website as of 5amSLT 11/20/12, you were sent a merchant pack and a group invite if you needed one.  We still have plenty of room, so if you haven’t applied yet, here’s the link to that.