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World Goth Fair

World Goth Fair: Done, and Donated.

I have a few more blog posts to add to the Big Post of Blog Posts, but it’s now June 1, and WGF 2012 is officially closed. That being the case, Ive pulled everything out of the charity account, converted it and sent it along to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. See the screencaps below for all the details.

This was the total in the charity account. It’s a screencap from the charity account’s dashboard.

I then cashed the money out via Virwox. yes, the Lab would have given me a few extra dollars, but it would have taken four days and I wanted it out NOW, so there was no speculation on where the money was or why there was a holdup.  This screencap is from my paypal account showing how much got transfered there once fees were accounted for.

I then converted that amount to pounds, since that’s the currency the Sophie Lancaster Foundation takes donations in.  This is the screencap of that conversion from Google.

I then donated that amount. This is the screencap of confirmation of that- Ive smudged my mailing address.

Finally, here’s the receipt from paypal for the donation. Again, I’ve smudged my mailing address.

The money is in their hands now.

Huge thanks go to everyone who helped pull this event together- Dare for building it, all the merchants for participating so eagerly, the bloggers for all their wonderful coverage, the staff of Gothika for pulling off that epic 13 hour marathon, and Lee and Martin for concocting this whole ridiculous thing in the first place.

Thanks a lot, everyone.

See you next year.



EDIT: 9:52am EST.  I’ve gotten word from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation that they’ve received the donation. It reads as follows:


thank you so very much for this generous donation following your second life event, we really appreciate it

I will add a link to the news item to our f/b page to show people what you have done for us !

warm regards

Kate Conboy-Greenwood
campaign manager


I don’t have a facebook acc0unt but if someone could shoot me the link to that, I’d appreciate it.  Thanks.


World Goth Fair: Blog Posts!

World Goth Fair is fortunate to have a number of official bloggers, and a bunch of other folks writing about it!  If you have a blog post about World Goth Fair, send it on in and I’ll post it.

We’ve also been featured in the SL Destination Guide here.  If you’re one of those Facebooky type people, give it a “like” if you’re so inclined.

Shadowed Darkfury (<3)  of SL Freebie Hunters has two posts up about the fair, showing as many of the charity items as she could get her mitts on:

Post 1.

Post 2.

Sonya Marmurek of Astalianda has several posts up, featuring her (always) fantastic photography:












We got really lucky when Ely Hynes of Sium jumped on board right away as one of the bloggers for Goth Fair. Even though the rest of the year she’s not a goth girl, she’s had so much fun making herself one for the fair and taking terrific photos to bring these wonderful posts to everyone:










Rudhmellowen Laguna from blog powerhouse Seraphim ran around the fair trying to get as many photos of the charity items as she could. She filed this report here:


Darkley Aeon of Guerrilla Avatar made several posts as well, with terrific atmospheric backdrops by Fox Nacht of *~By Nacht~* (that you can get at the fair too!)




Shyntae Demonista (who also owns Pin Me Down- another shop at the fair who’s responsible for a bunch of the terrific makeup everyone keeps blogging) wrote these two terrific posts:



Kitty DeVaux, who blogs from Black Mirror has made this post, kindly explaining the origins of the charity we’re donating to as well as showing off some stuff she got at the fair:



Sudevi Demonia of Sudevi put together some fantastic looking styles for her blog entries- go have a look at her lovely photos:



Poly Pistachio combined a bunch of looks and a ton of stuff available at the fair into two jam packed posts!:



Nicole Twigvald, aka Orc has been exploring Goth Fair as well, and brings back her spooky reports here:





Misty Harley of Thornes on Roses put together a bunch of fantastic looks for her posts:






Zombina Gunawan of Dead Dolls was tooling around the fair the other day (I saw her on radar as I was doing a set) and she filed these posts for everyone to enjoy:



Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers, the owners of LnL Square (which really you should go see, that place is HUGE.) took the time out of their busy schedule of creating awesome stuff to make this post:


I got a call down to Cursed a few days ago to fix a misbehaving script, where I ran into Devin Vaughn and his lovely lady friend. He told me he was blogging the fair and both of them were just delightful people. I introduced them to the Gothika (and goth fair) mascot, Orvan (beloved by all, no eating him in ways he doesn’t like.)  He filed this terrific post, and Im *thrilled* that Orvan and his namesake Batmoos got blogged.  Thank you Devin!


Thanks to everyone who’s blogged World Goth Fair so far. If you have a post (or a bunch of posts!) you’d like to share, just let us know!

World Goth Fair: Hey, we’re open!

World Goth Fair 2012 is finally open.  You can get your goth on across two sims worth of dark goodness.

Here’s some landmarks to get you started:

World Goth Fair Cursed (Adult)

World Goth Fair Dark Eternity  (Mature)

Gacha tent – Cursed

Gacha tent – Dark Eternity

And hey, we have a flickr group, too!  You can find it here.

You can find out which stores are on what sim by going to this handy dandy page here.

Come on down and get your goth on!

World Goth Fair: Master Shop List!

There’s a page for that.


World Goth Fair: Attention Bloggers.

Attention bloggers:

This morning, Dare and I had a meeting to discuss the policy regarding bloggers for World Goth Fair.

We decided jointly that we would prefer to include anyone who would like to participate with us, and not have a limited list of official slots.

That being said, if you would still like to join us, please tell us. We will send along a blogger’s welcome package, and if you would like I am happy to invite you to the World Goth Fair group.

We think anyone who wants to help out should be able to, and there should be no limits on how many slots there should be for bloggers, as they don’t require booth space or some other finite resource.

We apologize that it took us time to decide that, and if you’d be willing, we’d like very much to have you participate.


World Goth Fair: We are SOLD OUT of large booths on Dark Eternity.

As of right now, we are sold out of large booths on Dark Eternity.  We still have a couple (and by a couple, I literally mean two) left on Cursed.

Current count, as of this writing:

5 mediums left on Cursed

2 Large left on Cursed

OODLES of smalls (and I don’t see any reason why two adjacent smalls can’t be made into a medium) on both Dark Eternity and Cursed.


World Goth Fair: We have bloggers!

While we hope that lots and lots of people blog the things they see, experience and buy at World Goth Fair, we do have four official bloggers for this event, and I’d like to take the time not only to introduce them, but thank them so much for taking the time out to help us promote the fair and the charity.
First up, we have Shadowed Darkfury- most of you know her, as she owns Dark Water Designs and runs SL Freebie Hunters with her partner, Thanos.  Shadowed has been my friend for a long time, and she’s a terrific person with a keen eye.  She really is excited for the fair, and has her store in it as well.

Sonya Marmurek ,who runs the fantastic blog Astalianda.  Her photos are absolutely superb, and I am quite sure she will do people’s creations justice. (also, she is made of awesome and win.  And bunnies.)

Ely Hynes blogs from Sium . Ely has a great talent for combining looks and styles to create new and exciting visual expressions.  She’s great at this, and we’ll be seeing lots of terrific combinations from her.  I think Ely is just an all around great person, and I asked her if she would cover the WGF because I knew she’d so such a wonderful job.

Rudhmellowen Laguna blogs for the extremely popular Seraphim, and is their go-to girl for dark looks.  She is a great supporter of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and is very excited that there is finally a fair for the gothfolk in SL.

I want to thank them all for joining us for the fair, and give them a warm welcome.  They’re all extremely nice people and I am honored that they are so enthusiastic about this project.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with!