We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

The Misery Consortium gets Unhinged.

Well I suppose the first thing I should mention is that the shops on DE are now collectively called the Misery Consortium.  This really is just to save me a whole lot of typing. Once you get to 10 stores it becomes pretty tedious.
The second thing is that November 15 was the opening of Unhinged, a month long gacha/shopping/music festival to raise money for our friend, Eku Zhong.  Eku needs a bone in her jaw replaced which has become dangerously compromised due to cancer and subsequent treatments. In order to get the new prosthetic, it must rather obviously be custom made, and the out of pocket costs of such a thing were exorbitant. A bunch of her friends got together (quite a lot of them, really) to help get her the cash she needs to get her face put back together properly.  Eku and her partner also have a booth at the fair (and oh wow is the stuff in it cute, seriously.) But as for us, Beautiful Freak, Dare Designs, and House of Rain are there.
Dare built the music venue, and the first 24 hours were nonstop (I had two sets, myself.)  Club Gothika is hosting the music (literally- they’re using our stream.)  I’ve been asked to come back at least once more to put forth another set of big band swing and standards (which is likely to happen on Thursdays at 10am SLT, as it’s the only time I can realistically do it.) but you can see what sets are coming up by going to that link above.

So the next few posts will show the stuff we have going on at Unhinged and we really invite you to go down there and have a look around. A lot of people put an obscene amount of effort in a *VERY* short time to pull this together, and we’re all in it together to help Eku out.
For those who just want the damned landmarks already:
Unhinged Festival

Unhinged Music Venue


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