We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Dare Designs at Unhinged.

DD has 3 gachas at Unhinged, and there’s a freebie out there too.

The first one is a really cute knit winter sweater with a skull pattern around the bottom edge. It’s mesh, and comes with four sizes, (S,M,L and A- A fits me, so that basically means bigger boobs, a much more muscular torso, and a smaller ass than a standard size M.) and an alpha layer. The rare is blue- Eku’s favorite color. I really do like these sweaters, and it is getting cold outside. There’s also a DD gift card worth 500L in there as a rare too.

The second gacha contains boots- really, really REALLY nice ones. If you own Graveside, it’s the same pattern, and it works very nicely with shoes. The rare prize is (believe it or not) the fatpack containing ALL the colors. I was wandering around wearing these the other day- they look super and several people stopped to ask me about them.

The third gacha contains wacky skull rings in a wide variety of gemstone/metal combinations.

Both men and womens sizes are included.

So come on down and try your luck. It’s a terrific cause and no matter what color you get. you’ll be sure to look great.


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