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Beautiful Freak: Basic Neutral Lipsticks (in matte and gloss finishes)

Need a little? Need a lot? Beautiful Freak neutral lipstick basics have you covered..

Lipstick basic neutrals come in 5 levels of opacity:
20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%, You can use them on their own, or layered with other colors to modify their effects.

These lipsticks are designed to give you finer control over the lipsticks you already own, as well as be able to be worn by themselves. Here’s some examples of how they work:

In this example, a red gloss lipstick gets a dose of deep black liner with the aid of a 40% black gloss layer.  This is good for taking what is otherwise a very normal color and giving it a goth twist.

You can also use these neutral basics to turn a matte shade into a glossier one, or vice versa.

In this case, a bright matte pink lipstick is made into a medium pink with a bit more shine, after adding a 20% layer of grey gloss, and the glossy blue had a bit of its shine removed by using a 20% black layer.

The white neutrals can not only give you a great 60’s vibe on their own, but they can also make a shade appear frosted:

You can turn a darker shade into one that’s more pastel:

Or make a clear shade more dusty (this is good for steamgoth applications, by the way.):

Of course you can always use these layers on their own, without the aid of another color.   The versatility of these basic shades will allow you to get much, much more out of the lipsticks you already have in your inventory, providing you with exponentially more options than you had previously and allow you to play with colors you know you already love- because you already own them.
Not sure? Try a demo. Please note demos are to assess finish and fit, not color, so you only get one per pack.



Find BF neutral lipstick basics inworld.

Find BF neutral lipstick basics on Marketplace.


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