We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Beautiful Freak: Monster Mash makeover

Looking to change into a creature of the night? Let Monster Mash make you over.

This tattoo layer makeover covers both eyes and lips. It comes in 2 packs of four smashing varieties, or a giant fatpack containing all 8.

Not sure? Try a demo.

The fatpack is 375, and the smaller packs are 200 each.

However, at the Beautiful Freak inworld store, all 8 varieties plus the fatpack are sitting in a gacha machine through the end of the month.  The permissions on the gachas are xc/m/t and the ones on marketplace are c/m/xt.  The gacha is set at 25L a play, and the fatpack and Vampire varieties are rare.

Find Monster Mash inworld.

Find Monster Mash on Marketplace.


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