We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Dare Designs: Autumn Falls


Celebrate the season with Autumn Falls! This 9 piece ensemble will assure all eyes will fall on you. It contains a stunning rigged mesh corset, matching unrigged mesh boots, jeans and a full set of sheer, layered clothing, including lingerie, for those more intimate moments. The corset comes in three sizes plus an included alpha layer. The boots are unrigged and can be modified for size either manually or with the enclosed, killable resize script.

Because this outfit is partially mesh, it requires a mesh viewer to see it correctly. Since the corset is rigged, please try a demo before purchase.

All the mesh used in Autumn Falls is custom made and the textures are hand drawn. No templates are used.

Autumn Falls comes in 9 stunning seasonal colors.
























Find Autumn Falls inworld.

Find Autumn Falls on Marketplace.
Also, for all you inworld shoppers, there’s a special gacha at the store that lets you piece together the special fuchsia color of Autumn Falls. The rare prize is the entire outfit, and all parts are transferable so you can trade duplicates with your friends.





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