We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.


Once again, we’re all twisted.

This year’s Twisted Hunt theme is Darkness and since we’re dark all the time, this was a pretty easy theme to work with.  Here’s what we have for you- if you can find them.

As of this writing, we believe all the boxes are out (they’re all definitely out.)  and working properly. If they’re *not* working properly, someone *tell us*, because otherwise we have no way to know that.  We would much rather know sooner rather than later if there’s some kind of borked permissions or a box not selling correctly. It’s a lot easier to correct the earlier we know about it.

However, please don’t ask us for hints.  We won’t give them to you (really, we won’t.) and one or the other of us might not even know where the box IS at any given time (one of us might be asleep or something when it gets moved.)  The Twisted Assistants have the current hints. That’s all we can tell you, and it’s all we’re going to tell you. Really.















The Midnight Cavern from Urban Forge contains 3 floors (one is a hidden basement with a secret door), a bathing pool/shower with 3 adjustable animations and a fireplace. There are instructions on how to use all the features contained within the box(at least there should be- someone tell me if there isn’t one.) The cavern is copy/mod/notrans.













From Dare Designs, the Flight of Darkness dress is fully rigged mesh (you’ll need a mesh viewer to see it properly) and has a flock of ravens surrounding a midnight blue gown with a slit side.  It comes with 3 sizes and an alpha layer.















From The Fooding, the Darkness Decanter Set gives out glasses of wine on touch and features sparkling moon and stars on a midnight blue background.  The set is mesh, so you’ll need  a mesh capable viewer to see it properly.














From Dark 7, the Skeletal Hands bench, which is menu scripted and offers a variety of poses for you to enjoy.  The bench is mesh, so you’ll need a mesh capable viewer to see it properly, but it’s pretty low prim for something so complex looking.  Perfect for all your spooky outdoor builds for the season(or in our case, all year round.)


Happy Hunting, Twisted Folks!


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