We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

For everyone waiting on Fair/Hunt apps to be processed.

Hi gang.

Im typing this from bed, on my laptop.  My laptop that runs SL PAINFULLY, if at all.  Im writing from here because I’m sick.  The kind of sick that makes you cancel four DJ sets, run a fever for five straight days, and run a rubber cement factory from your face.




I have gotten a TON of apps this week. I know they’re there.  I HAVE gotten them.  I just havent been able to sit at Chuck the wonder computer in the living room long enough to log in and process them.  This is something I have to do- Dare can’t.  he doesn’t have the materials to do it.  I expect to be well enough to log in long enough to get this done tomorrow.  No worries, I have your stuff.  if you sent it, I got it.  Don’t panic.




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