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Chapterhouse: Prize Post!

It’s just over 24 hours before the flood gates open and the hunt begins.  But I have a bunch more prize images to show you (and of course if I get any after the hunt begins I’ll just make another post.  It’s not like the helpfulness of prize images expires or anything.)

First up, we have this sexy and flirtatious outfit from Be Happy! (store #2) It’s red and green and hot all over, with a back laced bodice and adorable bow, you can be your own Gothmas present (or one for someone else, if you like.)

Morrhigan Outlander from Cracked! (store #23) has once again come up with something delightfully cracked, and presents this skeletal Gothmas sleigh. I admit, I really did laugh out loud when I saw this.  Looks like someone forgot to leave out the milks and cookies…

Twisted Cherry (store #49) has some frosty accessories for everyone this year! This Frozen Inside belly chain and belt will keep you cool and stylish all winter long.

I always look forward to seeing what comes out at Snowpaws (store #10) and this year it’s a winner once again.  This dress is called Ebon and is chic and elegant in black and grey. It’s perfect for being That Goth Girl when everyone around you is wearing brighter colors. It’s lovely.  Can’t wait to find it.

So, if you’ve checked the master list lately you’d know there’s a bonus store after 105.  I should explain.

Organizing a hunt, as you might imagine is a challenge.  Though fortunately Gothmas by Gaslight isn’t that hard to manage (though having a natural inclination toward organization sure helps) , there’s always a worry that someone is going to drop out at the last minute and you won’t have a replacement to fill the space. No one wants to have to drop stores, though sometimes it can’t be avoided and of course no one wants to have numbers missing from a hunt forcing people to go around.

Though we had (and actually still have) a waiting list for GxG, the first person who offered to jump in if we needed it was JD Silverspar of Pop Tart and Urban Assault (store #106).  Though I filled missing spaces from our waiting list, in the end, I couldn’t bear to leave him out since through the whole organizational process he’s been so helpful and supportive. So I added a SPECIAL! BONUS! STORE! at the end.

He didn’t disappoint, either.  He made terrific unisex boots. Not just one pair but TWO.  (one is a special bonus prize.  It made sense in his head at the time.)  So for the special bonus store prizes, there’s these Gothmas boots and STEAMGothmas boots for everyone to enjoy.

It seems like only yesterday that I was telling Corvi Ashdene of Curvasive Designs (store #5) that we’d like her to be in GxG last year. If I recall correctly her store was new then, and that was her first hunt. She was so excited and had such an infectious, wonderful energy, we were delighted to have her back once again this year.  Of course she’s created a wonderful prize as well.  In contrast to the previous sleigh in this post, this one has a more romantic bent.  It’s a Gothmas cuddle sleigh that will look perfect in all your holiday decorating (though I admit I laughed pretty hard at that snowman vignette in the background of this image. I don’t know where it came from but that’s funny.)  I can never have enough outdoor Gothmas decorations, and red is a very popular request on my sim, so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of this!  Wonderful! Thank you Corvi, and of course we want you back next year. 🙂

Though it’s always terrific to have big, established stores in Gothmas by Gaslight, we really like to have a variety including new stores that just have wonderful things that really need to be seen by everyone.  That’s the case with Podlings! (store #24).  This store is brand new, and… well really you just have to see it.  Which, by the way will require that you have a  viewer that allows you to see mesh (because without it you’re going to completely miss out on how awesome this is, and I don’t want anyone to miss this.) Podlings! sells… tiny little alien mesh avatars, and little clothes for them.  No, really that’s it. It sounds simple, but they’re WONDERFUL and I love them. I giggle, and  giggle and giggle at them (and they dance, too!) and can’t get over how adorable they are.  I was so excited that the store was finished in time to join the hunt. I just want everyone to see these.

I’m told this prize includes the rigged mesh Zed avatar in a custom Gothmas skin, a mesh t-shirt with a custom Gothmas print, olive mesh pants in camo and a mesh Gothmas santa hat. Also, there’s tons of other compatible accessories available at the store.  I know you can’t really tell scale in this picture, but you’ll see. They’re small. (the hat. THE HAT. I can’t even.)

Speaking of old favorites though, Black Arts (store #18) is back, and Chimera666 Graves has once again provided something perfectly, wonderfully Goth.  Because you know, that’s what Black Arts does. This Arsenic Choker is the perfect accessory to wear not only at Gothmas but all year round. The web even has little red ornaments hanging from it. Isn’t that adorably creepy?

While I was napping this afternoon, I got this prize sent to me from WraithVenom(store #76).  It’s absolutely lovely- a gothy scripted music box with six songs to choose from.   It’s beautifully detailed and I plan on putting this one out in our house permanently. A wonderful prize, and I’m sure you’ll love it also.

Just before I started writing this post I got a breathless “m I too late to send a photo?” IM from Nikita Weymann of Grimalkin Workshop (store #96).  After being assured that of course it wasn’t too late and to send me a photo, I got this image of a wonderful, attachable desk.

If you’ve never had experience with Grimalkin’s attachable furniture before, let me explain. Instead of rezzing the furniture and leaving it there, all you have to do is wear it.  It has automatic poses built in, and it’s great for when you are someplace you can’t really rez things, or just want to take photos in a perfect setting without dropping prims on the ground. It’s a really nifty idea and I hope everyone likes this as much as I do.

Minxxy from A & S Designs (store #11) grabbed me just before I was ready to hit post and sent this wonderful image over of her prize. It’s a beautiful winter gown in true goth fashion.  It’s just so opulent and rich looking. I’m sure it will be a big hit for all those long winter nights.

My dear friend Tonya Souther from Tonya’s Restraint Works (store #62) has a solution for people wanting to give dolls this Gothmas. She suggests becoming one.  This (admittedly creepy) RLV enabled China Doll mask does… you know, I have no idea what it does. She told me (sadly in local) and I don’t have the text. But you know what, as soon as she comes online I’ll ask her to tell me again.  In any case. BDSM stuff. Also, things.

ETA: Info straight from the tigress’ mouth: “It’s an RLV mask. When you wear it, you can’t speak at all, and, with its associated HUD, your vision is restricted. Anyone else can blind you totally by touching it and closing the eyes. You also cannot remove it yourself, though anyone else can.”

The More You Know…

When I posted the last prize post, we still had two more prizes to make ourselves. Amazingly we were finished well ahead of schedule (no one was more shocked than us, believe me.)  So I have those to show you this time around.

From Dare Designs (store #1), Dare’s made a sexy and versatile gown called Gotham Nights.  For Gothmas by Gaslight there’s a special hunt edition only available for the hunt in green.  It features 7 pieces, including shoes, a bracelet and an anklet, as well as fur trim you can wear during the holidays and leave off to wear the rest of this eye catching gown all year round.

Because Dare whipped up those awesome snowflakes for GNI, I figured I’d take first crack at them for the Damned Good Design (store #105) prize. I had another lamp that I’d designed a while ago but hasn’t been released yet.  I decided that a more wintry version was in order which is how I came up with the Swirling Winter Lamp. I hope you like it.

Remember the hunt starts at midnight SLT.

Happy Hunting!


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