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Bride of Prize Post!

I’m still getting prize photos, and so I’ve got another prize post for everyone.  It’s 5 days before the hunt and everyone is very busy putting the finishing touches on their prizes.  But I’ve got some to show you today, so let’s dig in.

From Something Wicked (store #87), there’s a creepy and romantic (or is it romantically creepy?) gothic garden.  It contains six animations for you to enjoy on those long, cold winter nights.  Also? Purple. You can’t go wrong with that.

More from the lovely folks at EVOLVING PIXELS (store #98). For that chic Gothmas tree I showed you earlier, they’ve got ornaments! Black and white ornaments to go with the tree.  Awesome!


From Brea’s Closet (store #20), there’s outfits for both men and women.  First up there’s this guy’s outfit called Merry F$%#in Christmas. Let’s face it, at some point that becomes everyone’s basic sentiment, so why not wear it on the outside?

For the ladies, this lovely gothic Christmas coat.  Isn’t this terrific? I can’t wait to find this one (I am a sucker for coats like this, I admit.) So pretty!:

I was so happy when this next store decided to join us again this year.  Galerie Octaviana (store #104), owned by Annie Octavia is so wonderful and creative. I am always happy to see what she comes up with.  This year, it’s a terrific green dress that will  make you absolutely feel a part of the season.  Oh Annie, you always make me smile.



Shadowed Luik of Dark Water Designs (store #16) has certainly outdone herself this year with both mens and womens formalwear for the season. You’ll certainly look chic and sexy in these offerings.  In Gothmas black and red, you will look spectacular at your next fancy party.  I’m definitely looking forward to this one also.



From Snow Bound (store #47), Snow Sweetwater has created this lovely Gaslight chaise.  It’s stuffed full with 11 single sits, 8 friend sits and 9 cuddle sits, so you’re sure to find a pose that’s right for you.  It has lovely flowing red curtains and its own gaslight, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Awesome!

EB Design (store #48) offers a wintertime cemetery (I was waiting for one of these…) Peaceful and snow covered, it comes with a gate that opens and closes on touch.  It’s a perfect backdrop to all your gothic winter scenes.

3 of our prizes are done also (2 more to go…)


From Dark 7 (store #74) there’s a dark and lovely cast iron fireplace, decorated for Gothmas.  It contains both a singles and couples pose, a Gothmas wreath and 2 wonderful stockings (one with a bat and the other with a spider) to celebrate your holiday a darker way.

From Girl Not Included(GNI) (store #89) there’s full perm snowflakes for everyone to use in their winter creations.  There’s 5 different flakes to choose from, so go nuts! Let’s see what you come up with!



Following our tradition of going all out for hunt prizes at Urban Forge Virtuatecture (store #51) this time is no exception.  We’ve always thought gingerbread houses were just a wee bit too cheerful, so here’s a gingerbread house for the rest of us:




That’s it for this prize roundup!  See you next time!



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