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Rise of the Planet of the Prize Posts!

Prize post number 3, ahoy!

People just keep sending me images, and as promised, I’m happy to share them with you.

First, from the lovely folks at IMPALED/Dragon’s Flair (Store #84), we have two prizes (one from each.)

From IMPALED, there’s this wonderfully grim Gothmas Gift sack! It comes in both a carryable and a rezzable version, can play music, and best of all gives out one prize to each person who touches it. All you have to do is put the prizes in the bag.  Ingenious and wonderful for all those folks looking for an inventive way to give gifts out at stores and parties this year.

From Dragon’s Flair, we have a charming jewelry set containing a necklace and earrings in perfect Gothmas style and colors. This black and red set will go perfectly with your holiday gear and turn any outfit into the perfect Gothmas ensemble.

Of course, furniture lovers have by no means been forgotten on this hunt. This classic and elegant set comes from De Baza (Store #9) and contains 3 pieces to make your living room or store sitting area sparkle.  Each piece is richly styled and the cool white of the marble tabletop sparkles like snow next to the deep rich red of the sofa and loveseat.  Delightful.

I received two wonderful images from Violet Draesia of Indigo Oddities (Store #69), showing off clothing for both men and women in true Gothmas style, both in a rich, wintery green.  They are both full outfits.  The men’s selection is called Thanatos, and comes complete with monocle, cane and tophat(the sign of discerning and successful nogoodniks everywhere, of course.)

Isn’t that terrific? I can’t wait to find it myself!

For the more girlishly inclined, there’s Morana, which features stunning EGL style, also in the same deep, rich green. This is a complete outfit as well, and comes with shoes, 2 hooded capes and the bustle.  Certainly a wonderful and generous prize (and adorable, too!)

For all those still looking to deck the halls of their gloomy castles, there’s this cute idea from Shadow Moon (Store #44).  Who needs a mantle to hang stockings on when you have a spiderweb!  This one comes with two  stockings already attached- one for you and one for the spider. I suggest getting it a nice gift. 🙂   An inventive idea for sure, and a terrific new twist on the Gothmas theme.

What would a hunt be without shoes?  DemotiK (store #60) has two pair of shoes (ok, one is a pair of boots to be technical) to make your holiday fashions sparkle(darkly, of course.) .  Both mens and women’s styles are represented, in a classic black and silver color combination.  What’s more, they’re transferable- so you can keep a pair for yourself and give the other pair away as a gift for a loved one. Very thoughtful.

No winter holiday would be complete without jewelry, and there’s more jewelry to show you today!  From .:: Fabu! ::.  Jewelry & More! (store #19), there’s something for both the ladies and the gents, both in classic styles that are sure to please.

For the ladies, a Victorian cameo choker and earrings set.  Smoky black with a stark white cameo image, you’ll look elegant and lovely all year round, when you wear this set.

For the men, we have another classic offering, a Celtic knot signet ring in silver.  Simple, masculine, and stylish, it will always be in fashion no matter what the time of year.

Two more of our own prizes are ready tonight as well (only 5 to go… What? We have 10 days.)

From The Fooding (Store #37) we’re serving up a gothy ice carousel.  It seats five (three spiders,  and one couples sleigh) and has a delightful little ice bat on top *makes bat flappy motions here*.  Of course it rotates like any other carousel and is perfect for outdoor winter decorating.  It’s 49 prims, and copy/mod/notrans.

Virtual Alchemy always has two prizes. One is usually either a photopose or texture changing photoframe, and the other is always an actual image to hang on your wall.  All photos at VA are taken by me, and this one is no exception. This one is called Winter Through The Veil of Tears and was taken in NYC.  The name refers to the slight condensation on my lens at the time (I’d been out there a while in the middle of the snowstorm.) , and is a Gothmas by Gaslight exclusive. It will not be sold after the hunt.

That’s the roundup for tonight everyone! Remember, if I get more images, I will gladly post them. Sending me images is NOT a requirement of the hunt,  but if people send them to me? I’ll post them for you.

10 days to go!



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