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Prize photos part 2! The Return of Prize Photos!

I have another set of to share with you all! They’re coming in so fast I had to make 2 posts in one day. 🙂

First up, from Lyrieal’s (store #52) – a prize for both women and men! Red and green Gothmas outfits with super cute skull details on the boots:

I especially like the snowflake details near the waist.  Very cute. 🙂    The outfit comes complete, as you can see, and so all you need to do is get dressed and go! There’s two tails options for the gents and 2 skirt options for the ladies here, for added versatility.

From Sredni Eel at Avatar Bizarre (store #12) , some more clothes for you to enjoy. Sredni’s provided both male (well, I’d hope so, he makes men’s clothing..) and female versions of this new outfit he’s called Amaranthus.  For the hunt, he’s painting Gothmas green- forest, to be exact:

I like the fluttery detail on the bottom of the open skirt, and I admit I enjoy wearing Sredni’s menswear just as much as anything else he makes. It’s always great stuff.

Apparently there’s 2 gifts in total from Poison Apple (Store #94), but I’ve gotten the first photo in of this truly gorgeous umbrella with holly details.  It’s very romantigoth, with a holiday twist.  Lovely.

Quite elegant, don’t you think?

For those of you skin junkies(and I know lots and lots of people are skin junkies),  the first skin of the hunt is in, from Titania Halasy at Whatz (store #32).  This pale and elegant skin will look great against all those dark outfits that winter prefers.  The name of the skin is called Vanitas, and I’m assuming the flowers aren’t included. 🙂 ETA: No sooner did this post that I got an IM from Titania to tell me that in fact the flowers ARE included. FLOWERS FOR ALL!

Next up, a pair of prizes from [Moxie]( Store #70) , owned by Gothika’s own,  beloved Eden Malik.  First up she has adorable, wintry women’s Gothmas boots with black wreaths and super cute and teeny tiny little GxG bells as accents, in purple.

She also has a Gothmas tree! This one is a batty little tree, complete with two stockings- one for you…and one for the bat, sitting in its cage on the end there. I love seeing all the creative ideas people have for Gothmas trees and this one definitely deserves its own little spot outside Gothika. 🙂

From BagLady Design (Store #41) is this very pretty outfit that will see use all year long. It’s got a very lovely pink leaf print, and an intriguing mesh cutout section on the bodice as well, ensuring that you will look just as pretty in spring as you will right now in winter.

Oh, and I have one of our own prizes ready as well!  One of the prizes from Virtual Alchemy Photography (store #46)  is done(I’m hoping to have the other one done for the next prize post.) It’s a photopose setup I like to call “Try Not To Kill Yourself.”.  Anyone who’s ever tried to set up a tree juuuuust right will find this familiar:

But this isn’t an ordinary tree, and that ladder might have some problems.  Have a look at the detail of the base:

Yes, that’s a black cat under the ladder, and the tree is decorated with skulls and spiders and bats (oh my!). It is a Gothmas tree, after all.

That’s it for this prize post- I’m sure there will be more coming.



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