We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Gothmas by Gaslight Prize Photos!

Though we don’t require anyone to provide us with a prize photo, a number of merchants have sent them to me.  I’ve promised them all to add those photos to the blog, and I will also link them to each store’s listing on the master list.

Again, no one is required to give me a prize photo, but  if they do, I’ll post it here (and on the master list) for everyone to see.

From -=FORSAKEN=- (store #6), the perfect accessory for your front door. At least our front door, anyway (I love this!)

Isn’t this cute? I love the hanging bat in the middle.  Just perfect.  I can’t wait to find this one myself!

Next, we have this wonderfully creepy little hat from >>Demonkitties<< (store #85) (the image shows both the front and back sides)

It even has the option for particle snow via the use of a channel message!

Stacey Farspire at @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@ (store #90) has been very busy! So far she’s handed me three wonderful prize photos I’m happy to share with all of you:

First, there’s a snazzy cane for the dapper Gothmas gentleman, complete with a raven topper and claw base.  The raven holds a snowflake in its mouth to usher in the winter season.

Second is a delightful ladies’ hat.  With a a blue veil the color of a winter’s night, it also contains the raven with a snowflake in its beak as a motif.

Because that isn’t enough gifty goodness, there’s one more she’s sent me- something for everyone- A perfectly gothy skull candle to light your winter nights.:

This next prize is actually the first picture I received, *weeks* ago.  Pipper Overland of PIPPER’S PLACE (store #73) was so fast to build this, I was completely amazed. But it’s SO adorable, I giggled and giggled.  It’s a perfect Gothmas tree topper.  The little angel of gloom:

From EVOLVING PIXELS, (store #98) I’ve gotten two wonderful and extremely elegant prize photos.  The first is a chic and stylish Gothmas tree (this is gorgeous!) :

The other is a set of unique and elegant gothy candy canes.  Very inventive!

I suspect these will be popular with the steampunk and victoriana loving folks as well!

For all you clothing lovers, you haven’t been forgotten! Wild Serenity (store #86) has a sexy and flirty offering for Gothmas by Gaslight this year:

With 2 skirt options and an elaborate bustier, you’ll look fantastic at all your holiday parties!

From ~Simply~ (store #25), we have a sparkly holiday gown sure to be a showstopper at your next formal night out:

It comes with an added, optional veil for an even more mysterious look.

Finally from Tuesday Blackheart at +Gothic Toys+ (store #79)  a creepier offering for this year’s Gothmas by Gaslight. She’s giving away a full lich avatar, so you can win contests as the Ghost of Gothmas Yet To Come.  It’s HUGE, btw (the photo is of me wearing it- believe me, it’s BIG.)  and comes with its own AO:

That’s all the prize photos I’ve got so far. I’ll link these to the master list and post more (including our own, of course) as I get them.  I think all these prizes are wonderful and inventive and I’m so pleased that people have worked so hard to come up with such great stuff! -AK


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