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The 2011 Gothmas by Gaslight Master List is up!

The Master List for this year’s Gothmas by Gaslight hunt is up.  As always, it is a dynamic work in progress and will change many times a day to give hunters and merchants (and us) the most up to date information possible.

I am still getting in applications.  Although we are full right now, I am holding them in case of last minute openings.  I am aware that people have other stuff to do, so if I ask and you’ve already booked your time, I completely understand. I just want people to know Im not throwing their apps out just because we’re full.

There are still a handful of stores without posters out. Please, please, merchants- get your posters up. I do poster checks at least once a day, sometimes more than once, to try and clear that list.  We ask that posters be up at this point as there is a month to go before the hunt begins.  If you have not received a poster pack and are on that list, just ask me, and I will resend it to you. I resent everyone still on the list a poster pack yesterday, as several people had theirs eaten in offlines.

We are (very) aware of the missing SLurl for Dark7.  It’s one of our stores. It will go up asap.

If you are on that list and have not gotten an invite to the merchants group, IM me, and tell me. I will fix it.  I will be doing a group check as soon as the posters are all up.

For everyone else: That’s the current list.  I will be adding info, prize photos (when I get them- they are NOT required of anyone, but if I get them I will gladly post them for everyone), and other such wonderments.  As a reminder, there are no official hints, and there is no group for hunters. That master list is your absolute key to know what’s going on at all times, so keep your eye on it.

-AK(and DM by proxy)


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