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GxG2 Update #4

60 stores are now confirmed, and there’s more applications to review tonight.

A few things-

There’s only 6 questions on the application. You really do have to answer all six.  If this number is too much for you, we’re the wrong hunt for you to be in.

This has come up again this year- you do not need to own a gothshop to participate. Your PRIZE must be in theme.  However, your store must sell quality original items only.  No resellers. No affiliates. No BIAB.

In the case of art galleries/sellers, let me be crystal clear:  If you didn’t paint that picture/take that photo/make that sculpture I’m going to say no.  I own an art gallery in SL.  Every photo in it was taken by me, with my personal camera.  Not a single image was ripped off the net and filtered in photoshop and thrown on the wall.  I own the copyright on every single image for sale in the store.

If you can’t say the same thing, please, save us both the time- don’t apply. I will either deny the application outright,  I will wind up either having to ask you if you did all the artwork yourself(and then deny the application when you tell me no), or I will find out about it later, and if that happens I will *punt the store* from the hunt with prejudice.

I have been a professional, working artist/designer my entire adult life.  I find the sheer volume of stolen art in SL personally offensive.  I don’t even mean fan art using someone’s IP. That, I at least understand.  No, I mean direct rips of images off the net, with (maybe) a few passes with a cheap filter and throwing it on the wall for sale.  I will NOT approve places like this, and if one sneaks by me I PROMISE you, if I find out about it, the store will be gone in under a minute.

If you sell stolen art, do not apply to GxG.  Period.



2 responses

  1. I approve.

    October 21, 2011 at 10:57 pm

  2. daremunro

    That goes for both of us – I’ve also been a professional artist and designer for many years (31 to be exact), and I have no more tolerance for ‘art galleries’ in SL selling stolen images than Axi does. Save us all the time – if you got it from Google, DeviantArt, or Filter Forge (etc., etc.) – don’t even bother applying.

    October 21, 2011 at 11:29 pm

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