We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

GxG2 update #2

As promised, the first 25 vendor acceptance packages have been sent.  We have about 15 applications we are currently processing, and another batch of packages will be going out in the next day or so.

As expected, the slots are filling up rapidly- 25% are definitely gone, so get your application in ASAP.

Also, please be sure to put your NAME and store in the title of the notecard. We aren’t kidding- if it doesn’t have a name on it we’re tossing it.

There’s very few questions in the application. Please take the time to answer all of them- incomplete applications will be kicked back for more info and that just wastes your time and ours.

Oh and one last thing- we went through this last year but it needs to be repeated.  We are looking for ORIGINAL stuff only. Not just your gift. Your STORE.  If you sell textures but you’ve ripped them from a google search? We’re going to say no.

If you sell artwork ripped off the net/DA/etc. and you didn’t personally create it? We’re going to say no.  (Of course if you’re using your OWN art that’s featured on DA or whatever, that’s fine.)





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