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Daring Fashion Contest sign
During the month of October, we are sponsoring a fashion photo contest for the customers and fans of Dare Designs!

*The Facts:
– Contest entry registration: October 1st to 15th
– Contest voting: October 16th to 30th
– The Prize: L$2500 cash plus a L$1000 gift card from Dare Designs to the person with the most votes after the two week voting period., Each entry after 25 will add L$25 to the winner’s purse (so hitting fifty entrants would bring up the cash total to L$3750, for example).

*The Rules:
1: Entrants must wear DD (Dare Designs) as their main outfit – they can dress it up or down, wear parts, mix and match, accessorize at will, whatever they want to show off their own style and fashion sense. – as long as the result is still recognizable Dare Designs.

2: Snapshots must be taken somewhere on Dark Eternity or Event Horizon (the two adjacent sims where DD lives). Inside, outside, in the parks, or underground – anywhere is fine as long as it is somewhere on these two sims.

3: Entrants submit a single snapshot of their best look along with a ‘style description’ – a description of exactly what they’re wearing – clothing, shoes, accessories, skin, etc. – to ‘DareDesignsSL@gmail.com’. Entry emails must include one picture in .jpg format, square (512×512, 768×768, 1024×1024, no smaller than 512 pixels), the style description, and the entrant’s name.
Please entitle your email ‘Daring fashion Contest’ – and make sure your picture is named with your full avatar name and nothing more – ‘janedoe.jpg’ for example.

3a: We prefer post-processing be kept to a minimum, since this is intended to be a fashion contest, not an art or Photoshop skill contest. To avoid this simply being a popularity contest – no names are allowed ON the picture, no names will be displayed during the voting process either – people will vote based on the picture alone. In short – any entrants that are heavily processed or bear the name of the entrant will simply be discarded.

3b: Creativity in wearing DD fashion and choosing a shot location is preferred. The most creative shots will receive a special ‘editors’ pick’ feature to draw more attention to them.

*The Details:
– Entries will go up on the wall near the east entrance of Dare Designs as they come in – voting will open and entries stopped at midnight, October 15th (SLT).
– Voters will be able to vote by click for their favorite pictures, and will be able to vote on more than one picture if they choose, but votes will be limited to one vote per avatar per picture.
– We encourage entrants to show off their entry via flickr, blogs, SLUniverse, whatever they choose. We can’t even imagine how to stop vote solicitation, so we’re not going to try – spread the word, show off, invite your friends – we don’t care. 🙂

Let’s have some fun with this, darklings!
– Dare Munro, Axi Kurmin
Dare Designs


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