We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Oh is it March again? Welcome to Spring Hunt Season.

Between spring hunt season and the RedZone controversy, I haven’t been able to get here. I’m still stuck dealing with the RZ issue, but we did manage to get all the spring hunt prizes out.  All 11 of them.  Don’t even ask.

But we know people love to know what the prizes are, especially on these long , difficult hunts- so here we go.

For the first time, we’re participating in the STEAM hunt.  We hadn’t previously because neither of us do brown(though Dare can pull brown off nicely, I… I have brown trauma.  It’s just one of those things. Damned Good Design and Dare Designs are participating in STEAM IV which starts March 1 and goes through March 31:

This bathtub contains the same script engine as the bathtubs that are for sale at DGD.  The little gears move on the water pumps as well.  This prize ***WILL NOT*** be sold or given away once the hunt ends- if you want it, come get it now.  It’s no mod/copy/no trans.

Over at Dare Designs we have Airship Raider, which comes with all parts shown, including the boots, belt, and hat.  It’s versatile enough to go out dancing, and invade someone’s airship later.

Next we have the Roleplay Hunt.  Dare Designs is participating in this one, and the hunt starts March 1 and ends on March 31.  All you fantasy roleplayers should have a lot of fun with this one:

The outfit is called Cryphunter and should be perfect for all of your dark fantasy, chainmaille wearing needs. It includes everything (other than me) you see in the poster.  (Girl not included- see how we got that name now?)

Ah yes, the Big One.  It’s time once again for TWISTED HUNT.  (I haven’t even finished unpacking the last one, so help me.)  This time the theme is Nevermore.  All six stores are participating with seven prizes in total (the two VA prizes are in one box.) Twisted Hunt starts on March 1 and ends on March 31. Good luck, gang.


Dare Designs is once again a sponsor of the Twisted Hunt, and this time, the prize is Bloodraven.  It’s a Victorian Gothic outfit in blood red (just like the boxes) and comes with everything shown, including the hat, sunglasses and boots (but not me.)  You can even wear it to hunt the Steam hunt later!!



From The Fooding, we have the Victorian Poet’s Inspiration Tray. It comes complete with pen and ink, laudanum, opium and absinthe, and gives out glasses of absinthe when touched, all on a delightful silver tray.



From Girl Not Included, we have The Raven, sitting on the bust of Pallas.  As always, GNI prizes are full perm, so you can go nuts with this and even sell your own creations later.



There are two prizes at Virtual Alchemy(but both are in the same box.)  The photo, called The Bleak December, contains a quote from The Raven at the bottom. The photo itself was taken by me- it’s not grabbed randomly off the internet and played with in pshop and laughably called “original artwork”.  The second prize is the Nevermore Graveside Marker.  The photo in the headstone can be replaced with any photo you like.  It includes the pose, which you can adjust for positioning if you need to do that.   Both prizes are copy/mod/no transfer and both will  ***ONLY*** be available during  Twisted Hunt. They will not be sold or given away after the hunt is over.



At Damned Good Design SL, there’s The Raven’s Writing Desk, an 1830’s style writing desk and chair with a raven backsplat and motif on the writing surface. The chair contains a sitting pose, and the set is copiable.  It is exclusive to Twisted Hunt and will not be sold or given away once the hunt is over.


Finally, we have (as always) the granddaddy of them all. I always save the UF prizes for last, with good reason.




This is a full size two story house with a usable third floor tower/attic  and a greenhouse in the back corner.  It contains two fireplaces and front and rear entrances, as well  as a master  bedroom balcony.  It is both modifiable (so you can mod it to your heart’s content) and copiable (for when you screw up modding it to your heart’s content.)  It isn’t transferable.  THIS version will ONLY be given away for Twisted Hunt. It will not be sold later. We are planning to release a darker version of this (Even Gothier.) and a Steam version as well (different color palette.) but they will not be available until the hunt is over.


As always: We expect you to hunt for all prizes. All prizes will be MOVED often, and hints changed.  If we find out about people giving away hunt locations in local chat, or hunt groups, we will not hesitate to kick/ban.  Stores have been modified to fool primfinders. We spent a LOT of time making these- we expect you to actually look for them.

Other than that? Go nuts, and happy hunting!



3 responses

  1. Rhiannon

    I never even finished the last Twisted Hunt. Got too frustrated with the lag and viewer crashes. but maybe if I can get in and stay connected I can just hit my favorite vendors. Miss you!

    March 2, 2011 at 9:47 am

  2. Nerxual Oh

    You mentioned about redzones.. Are you or your friends the one going around threatening people about blacklisting their store cause they have redzone? I’m curious.

    March 3, 2011 at 1:39 am

    • I have never posted a blacklist. I don’t maintain one, nor am I threatening to put people on one. I will not shop in places that use the device. But my comment about RZ was in reference to two articles I’ve written on the subject (not here).

      There are people who maintain online blacklists. I don’t have one- frankly I don’t have the time to research and update it. I rarely leave my own sims- I don’t have the time. But if someone is using one, I won’t shop there. Just that simple.

      March 3, 2011 at 2:32 am

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