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If you’ve checked your email recently you’ve seen that the Lab has put out new “maturity guidelines” in order to respond( as opposed to plan for) to the merger of the Teen Grid with the main grid.

However, there is something you should know. In the email it says:

Your listings have been automatically updated with new maturity ratings, based on keywords and other algorithms.

You may read this now as “We have broken your shit. Again.”

As soon as this email hit my box I went to check on Dare’s listings.  The very first one I checked was Apparition, which I personally had flagged as a mature item when I listed it in the first place, due to there being a topless shot on the far left of the ad poster.  This had now been changed by the Lab’s fantastic algorithms as “GENERAL” (not even moderate.) putting us at risk for a flagging by anyone who came upon the listing.  I am now going through all of the DD listings and will go through the DGD listings as well (for the beds, as nothing else qualifies as adult) to fix anything the Lab has once again fucked up. As of now, ALL the listings I have seen, regardless of how I personally listed them to begin with, are now listed as GENERAL on marketplace- even the ones I listed as adult.  Yay. 😦

FURTHER, **ONCE AGAIN** the Lab has banned the following terms in keywords (even though they fixed this bullshit once before): lolita and loli.  (I assume lol is banned also).  EGL is okay, btw.  If you attempt to use these keywords EVEN IF the listing is flagged as ADULT, it will cause an *automatic unlisting* of the items in question.

I found that out the hard way.

Merchants, protect yourselves- go over your listings asap and make sure they are appropriately categorized before someone flags your stuff for being inappropriately listed.

Nice work, LL. Thanks a lot.  /sarcasm



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