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Rules! They mean things!

Below are the exact, unedited contents of the application that went along with Gothmas by Gaslight.  The color change is done by me for emphasis.

Hi there, and thanks for your interest in the 2010 Gothmas By Gaslight hunt.  This notecard serves both as an application for content creators and a FAQ, so please read it carefully.  There are three parts to this notecard. Make sure you read them all.

Please return all completed applications to either Axi Kurmin or Dare Munro(or both, what the hell- it can’t hurt.) We’re sorry, but incomplete applications will be rejected by default. Applications must be received by midnight SLT on November 30 2010.  No applications will be considered past that time.

I.  The FAQ

1. What is Gothmas by Gaslight and when will it take place?

Gothmas by Gaslight is a gridwide hunt to be held during the winter holiday season.   It will start on December 15 2010 and end on January 15. 2011 .

2.  Does it have a theme?

Of course it has a theme- don’t be silly. Don’t all hunts have a theme?  In this case, the theme is a more darkly beautiful holiday season.  We’re looking for romantic gothic, dieselgoth, dieselpunk, victorian goth and steamgoth folks.  (Why not steampunk? We don’t do brown.)  We’re not looking for blood, gore and horror.- there’s other hunts for that and they do it very well.

3. What is your vendor acceptance policy?
No resellers. No business in a box.  All content must be original. We are looking to promote content creators, not resellers.  We would prefer that vendors offer things that are original to the hunt (what you do with them afterwards is your call, but we don’t want anything given away in the hunt that is already on sale.)  We expect that your hunt prize will be in keeping with the kinds of things you create.  We expect you to honor the theme and mood of our hunt, so if your plans are to give away a t-shirt and ripped jeans, we’re going to tell you to try again next year.  Finally, we want you to give away something of value- in short, no crappy prizes.

4.  Will there be hints/a blog/a group/a whatever.
We have a group for the hunts we organize already that we’ll use for vendors- to give out information, etc.  We have no plans for a group for hunters.  You are welcome to give out hints in your location for your prize. However there will be no official hints given, no hint blog.  They’re on their own.  We will print a list of all stores in order on the web so people can start/skip as they need to.

5. What about signs, promotions, etc.?
You will be required to display the hunt sign (so people know for sure you’re actually participating.)  There will be an opening and closing event as well.

6. What does the hunt box look like?
Early reports are that it will be a holiday bell, but that is still subject to change.

7. Where can I hide my hunt prize?
30 meters from the landing point to your store.  We know that some people cannot control their landing points.  If you’re stuck in that situation but still want to participate, please come talk to us- we will do what we can to help you.  You cannot fully bury your hunt prize in another prim.  Part of it at least must be visible.  You cannot retexture the hunt box, nor can you resize it.  You must keep it the same size, shape, colors and texture it is when it’s given to you.

8.  How many applications will you accept?
Depends on how many we receive.

9.  I am on an adult sim, is that okay?
Yes.  Hunters can either age verify, or cope.

10.  How will you determine the order of the hunt?
Other than the first and last locations, by random number generator. Seriously- that’s how we do it.

11. Who is organizing the hunt?
Dare Munro of Dare Designs and Axi Kurmin of Damned Good Design SL.

12. Why is the hunt starting in the middle of the month?
Because a lot of hunts already start on the first.  Those hunters will mostly be done with those hunts by the 15th.  Also, hunts that start on the 1st generally end on the last day of the month- in this case, that’s New Year’s Eve. We know people are already plenty busy on NYE, and the last thing they need to care about is picking up a hunt box because the hunt is over.

13. How will I know if I’ve been accepted to Gothmas by Gaslight?
We will come visit your store and check you out. If we accept you, we’ll tell you, and send you an invite to join the crossover hunt group. 🙂 if all else fails, the final list of vendors will be up on the web no later than December 2.  Yes, we know group space is at a premium. But this is the fastest way we have to get information out to everyone.  You really, really do have to join the group.


These rules are VERY clear, and we can, will, and will continue to enforce them.  Case closed.



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