We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Gothmas by Gaslight – Six Times over…

(Since I had to make the logo version of the sign anyway… figured I’d use it…)

Yes – SIX times over, for us anyway (and I’m not even an elf, but she is…) – six stores, six prizes, we’ve been working our pointy little ears off over here in the workshop… yeah, okay, enough with the holiday imagery already… on to the prizes…

For Urban Forge, Axi designed a lovely little one-room winter cottage, which we then shoe-horned into a snow-globe…

From Girl Not Included – a set of full perm lantern sculpts, useful for all manner of things, really…

From The Fooding – a full silver tea service that gives out cups of tea with drinking animations…

From Dare Designs – a collaborative design effort (she made a sketch, waved her hands over, and *poof* clothing appeared like magic) – ‘Gothic Gaslight’ in winter ashes grey…

From Virtual Alchemy Photography there’s this cute ‘Gothmas Kiss’ photopose offering…

and from Damned Good Design, a brand new seasonal (but not festive) sleigh bed design (with a full bed menu, no less).

That’s the whole array, six stores, six prizes, all new and out there somewhere hiding in those pesky little bells. (…the bells, the BELLS!! …)

Happy hunting – DM


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