We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

The 12 Days of Deathmass.

Because just creating six items for Twisted Krissmuss and another seven for Gothmas by Gaslight wasn’t enough…

Midnight marks the start of the 12 days of Deathmass.

Well okay, in this case it’s a month of Deathmass.  But we’re not going to quibble.

Yes the very, very creepy people at Yellow Jester have concocted another Tainted Hunt. This one has a gruesome holiday twist.  We truly didn’t have the time to whip up another 6 prizes (we’re also in the middle of a massive sim move/reconstruction) but didn’t want to miss out on the festivities, so we put in one store and created a terrific prize.

The Fooding is #5 on the hunt hit parade.  You’re looking for a small, white box (as conveniently seen in the hunt poster above.)  The hunt STARTS at Yellow Jester.  They may be creepy down there, but they’re nicer than we are(yeah I know, that’s not a difficult prospect.) . They have hints for their hunts. I’d post ours here  but frankly, then I have to come back and keep updating the post every time we move the thing, so I won’t bother.

Happy hunting, people.  The blame for the hunt prize is mine, though I admit, Dare took it a bit farther than I’d planned…


P.S.: No, we’re still not giving out hints for Gothmas by Gaslight. Forget it.






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