We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Twisted Krissmuss is upon us. Gah.

So what IS Twisted Krissmuss anyway?

Well, here’s what it isn’t. It ISN’T a hunt.  What it is, is a shopping tour.  216 different merchants.  All of whom are selling whatever it is they have for TK for $100L.  Every single merchant, no matter what their Twisted Krissmuss offerings are, are selling them at the low price of $100L.

But wait, there’s more.

ALL Twisted Krissmuss items are transferable, so you can give them away as gifts. That’s right. 216 different merchants, each with stuff for sale for $100L and ALL of it is transferable.

Where can I find out more about this bucket of awesome?  Oh right here. ALL SIX of our stores are participating in Twisted Krissmuss.  Two of them (Dare Designs and Girl Not Included) are sponsors.  It’s 90 minutes until it starts and as I write this, Dare is frantically working on a gatcha machine to put in Dare Designs as an added treat.  Anyway, here’s what we’ve got available:

From Dare Designs:

You can get this outfit in any one of six colors. All of them are available for the $100L price for the duration of the Twisted Krissmuss event.  In addition, Dare has just finished (as in JUST finished) what may be the most beautiful gatcha machine ever, which will be available for all to try their luck.

From Girl Not Included:

GNI has two offerings for Twisted Krissmuss- one is a full permission sculpt pack containing a tree and a variety of ornaments as well as a single texture pack for both.  The other is a full permission texture pack for the ornaments so you can create them in various colors and styles.  Each one is only $100L and have we mentioned full perm?  Yes, that.

From The Fooding:

We have a lovely crystal punch bowl that gives out goblets of holiday punch, which contain a custom drinking animation.  Perfect for all your holiday parties and beautiful table settings.

From Virtual Alchemy Photography:

People have asked about my crystal photo tree for a while.  I had originally made one for a design competition and then imported it into SL for a hunt prize a while back.  So we revisited the idea with a holiday twist.  This one is tabletop sized (there’s one on display at VA to see in person for scale) and has photo frames as ornaments, that you can replace with your own pictures! (okay you may want to keep the photos of the cats, because they’re super cute.)

From Damned Good Design SL:

This is a cuddle sleigh.  It contains 5 different animations and made from custom sculpts and textures. There is one on display down at DGD so you can see it for yourself.  It’s a hell of a deal for $100L, I tell you what.

However, speaking of deals… We do have one more. The biggest deal of all.  We may live to regret this…

From Urban Forge Virtuatecture:

Yes, it’s really only $100L .  Really.  The photo of us inside the thing might give you some idea of scale.  This is not a small, skybox sized building.  It’s big enough to house a reasonably sized nightclub.  It’s VERY pretty. And it’s only $100L just for Twisted Krissmuss.

So there’s less than an hour to go before the madness starts.  Make sure you check that list twice so as not to miss any of the wonderful stuff frantically put together by the other 210 stores participating in this event.  Go down to Twisted Krissmuss Central over on Lasombra and pick up your own tour book.  We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the 12 Days of Deathmass.

No really, we mean that.



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