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For those who still are under the delusion that Marketplace isn’t broken…

Back to issues with Marketplace.

As you probably know, I also write a column about SL called The Tinfoil Hat Theory, over on Search Engine Watch. A few weeks ago I was outlining some of the various problems currently ongoing in SL, particularly for those of us who create content. One of the comments came from someone who insisted (amongst other entirely erroneous things) that marketplace isn’t broken.

Bullshit.  It’s fucking busted.

Just because you can get it to work doesn’t mean it’s not broken.  If you have a car that has a lousy muffler, the windows wont come down, the ac doesn’t work, and has a headlight out- even if the car starts? It’s still broken.    Broken does not mean “entirely unusable”.  People use broken things all the time.  Marketplace? Is broken.  Witness the following:


It's broken, people.

So the photo above- that’s the results I get when I look up my Dark Garden furniture line. There are 60 items in that series. ALL of them, without any exception whatsoever were working perfectly on XStreet, pre-migration. Post migration, 37 of those 60 items no longer have *listings*.  The entire listing has just disappeared.  I will have to completely recreate them from scratch.

Every time I start trying to fix a new furniture line, there is another moment of “what the hell happened with this one?”  To date, each line has completely different migration issues from the others. There is no consistency.  I’m not even sure I can fix the whole store before the end of the year.  The repair process takes hours on end, and we still have other things to do that preclude me from doing nothing but fixing this problem. At this point, there is nothing that I really can do but fix them one at a time,  but I am really tired of people trying to tell me that the issues with marketplace aren’t that bad.  I can’t be the only person who has experienced these issues with their listings in the migration process.

They are that bad, and Marketplace is fucking busted.



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