We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

STFU Schoolgirl, Moll Baby and PopSkull: Dare Designs Re-releases

Three outfit re-releases this week. (From left to right) We’ve got the STFU Schoolgirl pretending to be innocent and failing. The Moll Baby looking dangerous and sexy. Lastly we’ve got 50s badgirl looking innocent and dangerous.

I do like the re-releases. I keep finding things I didn’t know existed. These are three great outfits, although my favourite is Moll Baby.  My least favourite is the STFU Schoolgirl, but that’s just because I don’t go for the schoolgirl look. Each outfit has it’s usual great textures and the resized skirts on 2 of them to fit those of us who choose to have a figure and a bum.

As always, even the re-releases have great undies. I know I’m repeating myself, but Dare still makes the best underwear. Of these 3 I think the STFU Schoolgirl is my favourite. Something about the plaid…



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