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Chromium: New Dare Designs Release

When I first tried on this outfit a couple of days ago I didn’t like it. This really kind of disappointed me because I was really digging the detail and the colour schemes. It just wasn’t clicking for me though. So I set it aside for a couple of days while I thought about it and what I was going to write.

Today I put it on to take pictures and I found that there were a couple of combinations that I actually liked. The short skirt on the left side of the picture I like the most. For the pants combos, I found the picture on the right worked for me, but felt like it was missing something around the waist; maybe a sash or something.  This outfit has  A LOT of pieces to it, which is why I think at first I didn’t like it. Just too many configurations to be had and I didn’t immediately find something I liked. Still wasn’t fond of the long skirts or the one-sides trousers though.

The reason I really wanted to like this was because of the colour scheme he used and the pattern. The colour scheme Dare;s used isn’t the usual single colour for each one. As you can see from the pictures above and below, he’s used sets of colours instead. Add these colours to his chosen patterns and it’s a winner. I especially like the pattern on the skirt as it gives it a real fabric look that makes you want to touch it.

We’ve got something special in the undies for this outfit. Considering they can be very much a part of the outfit this time, I think they been made that little bit extra special. The floral pattern gives it that little extra bit of exotic.




2 responses

  1. Interestingly, though perhaps not suprisingly, the combo that works best for me is the full one, with the long skirt, full top and full sleeves- I was wearing it the other day at Gothika, after we shot the poster. I think that there’s just so many pieces to this that as long as you’re grooving on the fabric, you’ll find a combo that works for you.

    October 24, 2010 at 11:37 am

  2. I really like the fabric. So I’m really glad to have found a combo that I like. There are so many choices though.

    October 24, 2010 at 11:57 am

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