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It’s Not Rocket Science…

I am really tired of being nice, or being expected to be nice, to people who cannot read and follow the simplest of instructions.

Here’s what I mean…

Every week, we send out a news and new release notice via subscribomatic – this goes out to well over five thousand accounts inworld. Every week the format is the same – something like this below appears in every subscriber’s local chat:

Dare Designs Signature Members Group owned by Dare Munro gave you ‘Special News from the Loft 10.10.17’  ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Event%20Horizon/120/124/503 ).

Along with this comes a notecard, and the following message (or one very much like it):

News and new releases galore, darklings – see the notecard for all the details and landmarks – DM & AK

The first part is the required notification that informs the person what is sending them a thing, required by the SL ToS to avoid anonymous spamming. The message, and notecard, are the true content. The message clearly states ‘see the notecard for details and landmarks‘.

Inside the notecard, of course, are always included the details of the release, and landmarks to the relevant store locations, sales, etc..

And yet… AND YET… every single god damn week there is at least one (if not more) idiot(s) that do nothing but click the first url in the chat message, show up in our workroom at the location of the subsribomatic, get booted by our security system for being where they do not belong – and throw a freakin’ hissy fit, often quitting the group over this.

This is not rocket science, people.

Open the god damn notecard as you’re told, and find all the relevant help and goodies we’ve provided.

One. Simple. Instruction.

In small words.

I have received irate messages of every flavor you can imagine, because people refuse to read and follow even the most basic instruction. I was even told this was my fault for keeping the subsribomatic server in a private area. My fault. When I clearly tell people how to get to where they want to be.

At one time I tried keeping the server in the store… but it is heavily scripted and does offsite database calls. This? LAG.

It would crash just trying to access the subscriber database. It would lag the sim to a standstill just running through delivery (and back then it was delivering around two thousand notices, not over five thousand). It takes it over two hours to deliver NOW. I can’t afford to have the sim operating as though drenched in cold molasses for that whole time. So I moved it offsite to our workroom. And I started adding the line in the chat text to open the notecard for the proper landmarks.

People started fucking this up right away.

Week after week we’d have avatars popping into our workroom and wandering around like they figured we’d hidden the store in there somewhere (never mind that they’ve BEEN to the store, know what sim it’s on, and should be able to tell they’re in the wrong place). Often, one or both of Axi and I are half dressed while we’re working on outfits… and yet even when told they were in the wrong place, these people would not be respectful and leave. They would often get very rude about it.

So we put in the security system and started making sure every subscribo notice very clearly stated the proper landmarks were IN the notecard it was delivering.

And yet… they still come. They still get rude and bitchy over it.

It’s really NOT rocket science – follow the one simple instruction included with every notice and everyone will be happy. I promise.




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