We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

That Girl: New Dare Designs Release

This week Dare releases another signature dress with his usual style and grace.  This week’s release is That Girl which is cute little number with 2 skirt choices and an array of underwear. There’s the usual spread of colour options. Of course the black is my favourite, but then that shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone.

Now I’m not a polka dot kind of girl, but with all the options that Dare has given this dress means everyone can make what they like of it.The short skirt lends to sassy styles while the long one lends nicely to more demure styles. The dress includes sleeve sculptys. This is a detail adds some depth to the visual of the dress.

Now I may end up repeating myself in the future, but I’m sure that Dare makes the best underwear in Second Life. With every outfit I buy, I always know I’ll get some great undies too. This dress doesn’t disappoint either. It includes 2 sets of underwear, bra and stockings; one pair normal and one set sheer. Mix and match as you feel and you’ve got a great set of sexy underwear. Perfect.

This isn’t my normal style of dress choice, but I like it. There is a versatility that means it can fit many events and moods.



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