We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

The Weird Science Hunt Starts TONIGHT.

The Weird Science Hunt starts tonight.

Why tonight? Because there’s a party first!

Club Gothika (this is an adult sim. you MUST be age verified to get there.)

8-10pm SLT, October 15 2010

DJ: Lokii (The Freakitteh Herself) Violet

Host: TorEl (Fae-ladeh) Glendevon

Abernathy Loomslough and Mister Zero dancing.

There will be a NEW tombola packed with stuff from Dare Designs and Damned Good Design.

Contest is Best in Weird Science, and we’ll start the boards off at 1000L each- for every page we flip, the prize money goes up.

Once the party ends at 10- get hunting.


Here’s what you need to know about the hunt:

“You forgot to hook up the doll…”

Welcome to the Weird Science hunt!  Here’s what you need to know:

The hunt spans four sims- Dark Eternity, Gaslight,  Event Horizon and Cursed.

Cursed is an adult sim.  You must be age verified to get there. No, we aren’t going to change that.

For each vendor in the hunt, there are two prizes to be found. One will be hidden on the DE complex, and one will be hidden on Cursed.  There are 16 prizes in all.

Unlike other hunts, the boxes are not required to be in stores, or in fact required to be… well anywhere in particular.  They can be found *anywhere* on one of these four sims- in a store, in a tree, behind a rock.  They look like glowing green test tubes(we were originally going to use Pershing missles but figured you had to be over 30 to get that joke….)


This is what you're looking for.It's small. It's green. It glows.


However, there are some limitations you need to know about. On Cursed, the hunt prizes are limited to Cursed Village(the south side of the sim) and Cursed Harbor only. There are *NO* hunt boxes inside Club Gothika (the cemetery next to it is fair game, though) and there are **NO** hunt boxes on the residential(north) side of the sim.  Please *DO NOT* go onto the north side of the sim looking for boxes. People live there, and don’t take kindly at all to their homes being invaded by hunters.  There are “No hunters beyond this point” signs posted on the city gates. Please respect them, because we will immediately ban anyone who violates those boundaries.  There are *NO* hunt boxes located inside the loft on Dark Eternity, either.  Really.  Promise.

The boxes are numbered, but they are in no particular order. In fact, we hand them out at random.  So there’s no jumping from one to the next. It’s just “whichever one you happen to find just then.”  The numbers only serve to tell you which ones you’ve found and which you haven’t. Once again, there are sixteen in total.

There will be no hints. No group to join. No hint blog.  Have we mentioned no hints?  Right, that.  Please don’t shout out hint locations in local chat or reveal them in any of the sim groups.  We take that sort of thing very seriously and *will* (no question) ban you for doing it.   It’s not fair to your fellow hunters, nor is it fair to the vendors.

There will be an opening night and closing night party for the hunt.  The opening night event will be on Cursed on Friday October 15 from 8-10pm slt and DJed by The Freakkitteh, Lokii Violet.  The closing event will be on Dark Eternity, on Halloween Night, October 31 from 10pm-midnight and DJed by DJ Bronxelf.

ALL THIS BEING SAIDif you run into a problem with a vial NOT selling contents properly, or if you can’t find ONE (and no one else can either) for the love of all that’s good SOMEONE tell one of us. We won’t give you a hint, but we WILL make sure the vials are out and working properly.  Just leave a message if we’re not there.  IM is fine- offlines go to email anyway.  PLEASE don’t send a notecard. If we’re in busy mode we won’t know it exists until after we relog, which may not be until days later.

Here’s some landmarks you need to have:

Cursed Village

Event Horizon

Axis Park (on Gaslight)

Dark Eternity Island

Happy hunting!
Axi Kurmin
Dare Munro
(your harried hunt organizers.)


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