We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Axis Park is open for Fall. (finally)

Ahoy, freakywinkles.

Just letting everyone know that Axis is open for fall. For those who just said “what?”: Axis Park is open to the public. It sits behind the Loft From Whence This News Comes. Every 3 months or so, I tear it down and rebuild it. It’s got a ton of places to sit, hang out (with friends or alone), dance, bring a date, and lots of stuff to explore. The only rules are don’t be a dick(no shouting, no gesturespam, etc.) , get the hell off my personal poseball if I want to use it(it’s one of the ones by the firepit in front of the rocks) and to respect the introverts who tend to come and sit and just be. Other than that? Go nuts. It’s open to everyone.

Music is as always, provided by my stream (which means it changes depending on the day), but weekends are a great time to listen to jazz, swing and oldies.  When I have time (which admittedly isn’t a lot these days) I sit down there and take requests.  I used to do this all night every Thursday night/Friday morning, and bring in Firepit Friday.  People would just come down to listen and do their own thing. No contests, sploders,  no gesturespam, no pressure.  Just come down and do your own thing.  Lots of people would simply park their avatar there and leave the music on and go to sleep.  You’re welcome to do that, whether we’re there or not.

The music is going, and fall is in the air.  Come on down.  🙂      http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gaslight/17/84/45



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