We're gonna sit on top of the watertower and pretend we're Batman.

Lift Off in T-minus 3, 2, 1…

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

I suppose you’re all wondering why I called you here… no, wait… wrong opening…


A vampire, an elf, and a small orange cat walk into a bar…

*crowd noises*

…and the cat says “yeah, but you weren’t UNDER the Volkswagen at the time, either!”

Oh hi.

Here we are at the inaugural post of the new joint blog ‘News From The Loft’ – about and for Second Life, co-written by Axi Kurmin (who must be mad to have agreed to this idea with so many places to write for already – I’m going to insist she post links to them all when we have an ‘about us’ section) and Dare Munro (alternately known in First Life as Avril Korman and, well… Dare Munro).

Why a new blog?

Because it seemed to me (that’s Dare) that we needed a place to talk about the things we’ve encountered and learned in this virtual wackiness… er… world… called Second Life,
a place to review the products and services we deal with nearly every day,
a place to rant or rave about the latest malarkey issuing from Linden Lab (most likely more ranting than raving),
and somewhere to announce and talk about the work we do through our many joint inworld ventures (we’ve locked a poor girl – Kostika Mistwalker aka Donna –  in the basement with a keyboard to handle that part, though we’ll let her out on alternate Tuesdays to jog around the yard for an hour, feel free to send her food and gifts, but no files or explosives, please). For some idea of those joint ventures – just take a look at the Stuff. Also, Things. page.

Yes, we’re very busy.

So here it is – we’re up on the water tower with towels tied around our necks, looking grim and fierce (no, really, we look like that a lot) and preparing to safeguard Gotham City from… crap… the metaphor kind of breaks down right about there… though we intend no mercy for all the jokers we encounter along the way. I can’t speak for the penguins.

Axi says she can’t be Robin because she can’t do a cartwheel and trips over lint…

…but damn she looks good in those shorts…


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